Pyrolon® Disposable Coveralls

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Pyrolon Disposable Coveralls are comfortable and lightweight with the feel of cotton and are an excellent option when Tyvek® or cotton coveralls won't work. These coveralls are breathable, water and grease repellent, and treated with flame retardants. Good for welding/torch work, equipment cleaning, general maintenance, painting and other oily, greasy jobs. Wear over primary flame-resistant apparel for complete protection. Open sleeves and cuffs. EPA Level C and D protection*. Zipper front. Blue color.

*EPA Level C protection should be used when atmospheric contaminants, liquid splashes, or other direct contact will not adversely affect or be absorbed through any exposed skin. Coveralls alone are not sufficient for total Level C protection. Check product labels for respiratory-, face-, hand- and foot-protection requirements.
EPA Level D protection may be sufficient when the atmosphere contains no known hazard and work functions won't expose you to significant splashes, immersion, or unexpected contact with hazardous levels of chemicals. Coveralls alone are not sufficient for total Level D protection. Check product labels for face-, hand- and foot-protection requirements.
WARNING: There are environments and uses for which these coveralls are unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the user to review available data to verify that the garment is appropriate for the intended use and meets all government and industry standards. Avoid open flame or intense heat.
NOTE: Due to the thousands of pesticide formulations available today, it's impossible to determine if a particular garment protects against a specific chemical. Therefore, we recommend testing the clothing against the chemical before using.
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