Kill mice and rats - including warfarin-resistant "super rats" - in as little as one feeding

Hawk Rodent Bait Chunx® fits in bait stations, down burrows and other small openings where rodents live and travel. 18-lb. pail. Each chunk is 1 oz. Active ingredient: bromadiolone.

  • Powerfully Attractive: Made from tasty, human food-grade ingredients, so rats and mice are extremely attracted to the smell and taste
  • Designed for Gnawing: Hard surface and multiple edges appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw
  • All-Weather: Bait is made with low wax and can be used in all types of conditions, including damp locations

NOTE: Not for sale in Alaska, California or Washington state.

Not for sale in California


  • Manufacturer #: 31218
  • Used For: Rats and Mice
  • Size: 20 lb.


SDS for Rat and Mouse Bait, 18-lb. Pail

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