Get the reach you need for tough cutting jobs

This Wicked Tough Pole Saw gives you the reach you need for tough cutting jobs.

Buy an 11"L Replacement Blade (Item # 228390) to keep your cuts sharp and precise, or upgrade your saw with the Optional Utility Hook (Item # 228391).

  • Long Reach: Handle extends to a maximum length of 6, 12 or 15' depending on model
  • Easy Storage & Transport: Handle folds down to a super-compact size of 32"L
  • Smooth Cutting: Curved, 11"L carbon-steel blade with blade-adjustment screw cuts smoothly through all types of wood without “blade slop"

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  • Manufacturer #: WTG-009
  • Telescoping: Yes
  • Blade/Bar Length: 11"
  • Blade Style: Curved
  • Blade Length: 11"
  • Length: 18" to 6'
  • Teeth per Inch: 7.5
  • Handle Type: Foam
  • Min. Handle Length: 18"
  • No. of Poles: 3 Sections

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