Wireless monitor transmits outdoor temperature and humidity data to an indoor display

Collect indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity levels with the touch of a button. The wireless outdoor sensor can be mounted up to 120' away from the indoor display unit, depending on the number of walls, etc. Display includes min/max, clock and alarm features. Recommended operating temperature and humidity for the sensor is 14° to 122°F and 10% to 90%. For the display, recommended operating temperature and humidity is 23° to 122°F and 25% to 90%. Each display unit comes complete with batteries and one remote sensor.

Requires special handling due to DOT regulations. Additional shipping charges will apply. Cannot be shipped by air.

Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii


  • Manufacturer #: 00-Etal to
  • Temperature Range (F): –58° to 158°F
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1°
  • Type: Digital
  • Temperature Range (C): –50° to 70°C

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