5-Star Tools

10 of the Best 5-Star Tools from the Pros

Gemplers strives to find the best problem-solving products for hardworking pros from landscaping equipment to unique products you wish you had years ago. Check out our top 10 tools that green industry professionals give 5-star ratings to over and over.

Jakes Wire Tighteners

1. Jake's Wire Tighteners

Jake’s Wire Tighteners are a lifesaver when it comes to fence repair and mending. To use, simply splice in a small piece of new wire, insert a wire-tightening clip and tighten using the wire tightener handle. Pros rate this gadget five stars. If you ever need to tighten the wire again, just attach the handle and give it the wire tightener a couple more turns, and you will be back in business.

“This system to tighten fence wire works great and is quick to use…Great idea.” - Big Clyde


MAX Tapener

2. MAX Tapener

Save time staking and tying plants, trees, and vines with the MAX Tapener. With a simple squeeze of the trigger, the unit neatly wraps tape around the plant stem and the stake, then cuts and staples it all together. It’s that easy! Get the job of three people done in seconds! Pros in nurseries, vineyards, and orchards love all the time they save with the MAX Tapener, and you will too!

“Awesome tool! Very easy to use…” -Clint L.


C-BITE plant supports

3. C-BITE Plant Support Kit

Plant supports are an essential part of gardening, landscaping, and growing. Make your job easier with C-BITE plant support kits. These gadgets make it easy to create custom plant supports by setting up your stakes and then using C-BITEs to transform it into a cage, fence, or trellis that will support plants and vines.

“I absolutely love the C-BITES! Gone are the days of trying to use twine to tie up bamboo poles and green stakes! The only limit is your imagination!...I love that I can reuse them year after year!” -Sophie


Solo 20 lb Portable Crank Spreader

4. Solo Portable Spreader

Gemplers carries a full line of spreaders and accessories. One of our favorites is the Portable 20 lb Crank Spreader by Solo. With this handheld spreader, you can carry up to 20 pounds of seed, fertilizer, salt, or sand to make every spreading job a breeze. The Solo Portable Spreader is great for the pros; the built in agitator allows material to drop into the propeller consistently for an even spread pattern no matter what project you are working on.

“Extremely smooth to operate, very well made…would highly recommend.” -Stan H.


Mohawk USA DOT Reacher Pick-up Tool

5. DOT Reacher

The DOT Reacher is great for mowing and groundskeeping professionals. Use these sturdy grippers to pick up and grasp objects as small as a dime, up to as heavy as a brick! The DOT Reacher is USA made and is built to last. Safely clean up highways, golf courses, parks, and lawns…the DOT Reacher is such a handy tool!

“This is an awesome reacher. The rubber tips actually grip. Other grippers have switched to silicone…a slippery substance hmmm. Seriously it’s working great!” -Suzanne C.


GopherHawk Mole and Gopher Trap

6. GopherHawk® Mole and Gopher Trap

GopherHawk® Mole and Gopher Trap is one of Gemplers top problem-solving products. Take care of pesky gophers and moles once and for all. GopherHawk is a trap with a wedge-and-probe tool that removes unwanted burrowing animals from lawns, gardens, orchards, and farm land. This great trap is also reusable, all you need is a new trap portion of the tool to continually catch those pesky critters, taking care of them in a quick and humane way.

“Had (past tense) moles the size of Norway rats. This trap works often within minutes and certainly overnight.” -Daniel S.


Sugar River Hydro-Reflector Gloves

7. Sugar River Hydro-Reflector Gloves

Hardworking professionals have to get the job done no matter what the weather conditions. Rain, snow, and biting winds will be a thing of the past when you switch to Gemplers own Sugar River Hydro-Reflector Gloves. These work gloves have a double-layered knit shell with a water-wicking nitrile outside to keep your hands warm and dry.

“These sturdy gloves keep my hands warm and dry when I am working out in the field watering, washing vegetables, and tying vines!” -Lindsey


DeWitt Dew Right Tree Watering Bag

8. DeWitt Dew Right Tree Watering Bag

Keeping trees watered and healthy is challenging and time consuming during their first few months of growth. The DeWitt tree watering bag can make the job a bit easier by providing a steady water supply to the new tree. This helps eliminate water stress and overwatering that can happen when a new tree is transplanted. The DeWitt Dew Right Tree Watering Bag holds up to 20 gallons of water, which empties in five to eight hours and only needs to be refilled one to two times per week for most trees. 

“This has to be one of the simplest ways to help take care of a tree. Within minutes it was installed and it is so easy to use. Built very well…” -Keith D.

Dramm Brass Shut-Off Valve

9. Dramm Brass Shut-Off Valve

Watering, rinsing, washing, and filling. All essential parts of the growing and landscaping process. Plants need to be watered and equipment needs to be washed. Dramm makes it simple with their heavy-duty brass shut-off valve that protects hose fittings from leaks.

“100% solid brass - this is the one you want!” -Bart


10. Gard-N-Hook

One of Gemplers’ newest problem-solving products is the Gard-N-Hook. This efficient tool helps gardeners, growers, and homeowners with hanging, lifting, and dragging. Hang flower baskets, bird feeders, and holiday decor with ease, and without getting up on a ladder. The Gard-N-Hook can lift 50 pounds and drag at least 90 pounds. It is truly the perfect device for plant lovers and greenhouses alike, you can even attach any handle to extend your reach using the built-in threads on the Gard-N-Hook.

“The Gard-N-Hook is perfect. I used it for carrying all my hanging baskets (no hurt fingers!) Then I used it to hang the baskets - so easy! Using now to put up patio lights. Great tool to have right now.” -Jobelgard