Gemplers' Product Guarantees

At Gemplers, you'll find pro-grade products to help you outfit, equip, and protect your crew. This includes Gemplers' own assortment of pro-grade tools and supplies (check for the Gemplers name in the product title).

For these products, we offer two types of guarantees–both created to make sure you feel good about what you're buying from us.

Gemplers Lifetime Guarantee

All Gemplers, long-handled landscape tools are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. These products are built to last and we're proud to stand behind them. This means we'll replace these tools for free if they're broken during regular use at any point during the lifetime of the product.

We won't replace products that are broken outside of regular use (like if you run it over with your truck) or products that you've modified. In simple terms, if you do the fair thing, we'll do the fair thing.

Here's how it'll work:

  1. Send us a picture and tell us what’s going on at
  2. Once we process the claim, we will either send you a replacement tool or we will send you a Gemplers gift card.

Gemplers Quality Guarantee

Just like our landscape tools, we stand by the quality of all Gemplers brand products. The only real difference is these products may have lots of moving parts and we can't guarantee them for life. These are products like pruners, Sugar River Chore Boots, rainwear, hoses, nozzles, wands, gloves, and any liquid like Rust Converter.

For these products, let us know if something is wrong with the product once you get it (i.e. a manufacturer's defect) and we'll replace it.

If you start to use the product and it's not up to the Gemplers standard you'd expect, let us know and we'll do our best to make it right. While we can't promise we'll always be able to replace the product after you've started using it, we can promise we'll be fair as long as you're fair.

For any non-Gemplers brand products, please read our returns policy.