How to Request a Quote

Need a quote on large quantities or a regularly repeating order? Now you can add product to a quote just like adding to a cart.

screenshot showing location of Request Quote button, below Add to Cart

  1. Shop for your products
  2. Click "Request Quote" button (see screenshot).
  3. In the popup menu, find the styles, sizes or colors you want and enter a quantity for each.
  4. Click "Add to Quote" when you're done.
  5. You can continue shopping, or click "Next Step" to enter your contact information.
  6. Fill out the contact form, noting that all fields are required unless marked "optional". You can also add notes about your purchase, such as multiple shipping locations, recurring orders...any questions you have or anything you want us to know about your company or needs.
  7. Click "Review Information" and double check your shopping list and contact info, then click "Submit Quote Request" when you're ready.

Your request will be reviewed by a real, live human being and a sales representative will contact you within one business day. That's it!

Portrait of Keith King

Meet Keith!

Hi, I’m Keith King. I focus on getting our larger business customers what they need to keep big teams and multiple crews and locations running strong all year long. If you’re a business customer, I’m your go-to sales guy. If you need a quote, have a question, want to talk about corporate programs that give you volume discounts on annual purchases, or just need someone to help you track down what you’re looking for, give me a call or email me. If I can’t answer it, I’ll track down the Gemplers team member who can.
(608) 554-9017