Add Your Logo To Employee Uniforms To Boost Your Brand

By adding your logo to the most popular names in branded apparel and gear, you can improve your company image, boost employee morale, and help keep employees comfortable and productive — season after season.

Quality Uniforms With your Logo Make A Lasting Impression With Employees

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. Build a strong company image and even stronger employee retention when your team wears their company pride on their sleeve or chest. Employee uniforms personalized with your logo can be one of the smartest investments you can make.

Heat press logo on safety vest

But we’re not talking about those cheaply made T-shirts employees are often forced to wear — the kind employees hate wearing and end up looking grungy. We’re talking about high-quality, name brand work clothing that looks great, feels great, and will last season after season.

By personalizing that clothing with your company name, logo, and maybe even your employees’ names, you can create a whole new level of connection with both employees and customers.

Add your logo because image is still everything

Consumers see a lot of value in shopping with businesses they know and trust. It helps when they like you a little bit. After all, good old fashioned customer service has become somewhat rare these days.

Sharp-looking employee uniforms show that you and your employees are professional and want to look your best for customers. That helps customers feel appreciated and comfortable. By enhancing the overall shopping experience, logo’d uniforms help turn customers into repeat customers … repeat customers into loyal customers … and loyal customers into “raving fan” customers who’ll go on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else to talk about how great you are.

Uniforms with your logo let employees know they’re a key part of your team.

A quality uniform program will make a huge impact with employees, too. That’s really important these days! Good employees have become nearly impossible to find. When you find one, you have to hang on for dear life.

Providing uniforms that employees feel good about wearing can go a long way. It shows you care and that every employee is an important part of something bigger than just their jobs.

On that note, when other people see how sharp your employees look, the immediate thought is that your company is just as sharp. Your company provides more than just a job and paycheck. Your company has a culture of pride and professionalism that every employee can play a role in creating and maintaining. It’s simple: When you have that kind of reputation and company culture, the best of the best want to work for you. That makes finding good employees a whole heck of a lot easier.

But remember, not any old boring uniform program can accomplish this. Employees want quality workwear that not only looks good, but also helps them do their jobs safer and more comfortably in a variety of conditions.

Embroidered name and logo on a button-up shirt

Choose apparel brands that last and make a lasting impression with your logo.

For example, Gemplers’ huge selection of professional-grade workwear includes many new items this year. One is the Under Armour Tech 2.0 T-shirts with polyester knit for a looser, fuller fit for added comfort. The material also wicks sweat away on those hot, humid summer days that come all too often during the growing season.

In the cooler months, employees need different options. For example, Gemplers offers a Wrangler Chore Jacket with Heatseeker poly-fill insulation. So when the temperatures start to drop, you don’t have to worry about employee productivity dropping.

Hardworking women on your team might want some unique options of their own. For example, the Telemark Jacket features a waterproof softshell for those days when working in light rain is unavoidable.

Finding the right uniform partner for adding your logo with ease.

Not only does Gemplers offer the best in work apparel brands that speak well of your brand. Gemplers also offers free logo setup and personalization services with all orders of six units or more. That way, it doesn’t cost a lot to sport your brand with pride for you and your team.

In addition to Under Armour and Wrangler, Gemplers offers other leading names in workwear like Carhartt, Columbia and Dickies.

Gemplers can personalize a variety of items from all of these leading brands … T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, safety vests, jackets, coveralls, hats and more.

Heat press, embroidery and laser etching services are available. You can send in your logo or Gemplers can create one for you. You have options because, as a small business itself, Gemplers understands that every business different, and that every customer is more than just a number.

In this industry, it’s all about the personalization.

For more information on how Gemplers can help you create a killer uniform program, visit Gemplers Personalization.