Shop Organization Solutions from Landscape Pro Don Bischof

Shop organization and business productivity go hand in hand, especially for landscape professionals like Don Bischof, owner of The Don Landscaping LLC. He says, “Tool organization ultimately leads to business productivity and profit.” Don and his team have the help of Gemplers Tool Racks to keep their shop organized so they can quickly get ready for busy days. Gemplers is your one-stop shop for all things storage and organization in the shop, garage and work trailer.

Organized tool storage helps you take good care of your tool investment.

Landscaping tool hung on Gemplers Tool Racks

Don got an early start in learning to keep the shop clean and organized. He had an internship at Disney, where they took impeccable care of their tools by keeping them extremely organized. When Don opened his own business and had his own well-stocked tool shop, he kept that philosophy going with his team. Don is stocked up on Gemplers Tool Racks to keep shovels, rakes, hoses, and even small power equipment off the ground and neatly stowed.

Don has more than ten Gemplers Tool Racks to help him keep his space organized. Don expressed what a difference organization in the shop can make, “When I started my company, I started by throwing all my tools into a big 55-gallon plastic trash can. By the time I drove off for the day headed to a job, I was usually really aggravated because everything just came out together. When I finally was able to have my own shop, I vowed to make it as organized as possible. When I found Gemplers Tool Racks, I was sold!” Stop getting frustrated with messy tools and start being productive with Gemplers Tool Racks.

Organized tool storage lets employees and customers know you’re legit.

Good organization is also key to running a professional-looking business. Running a tight, well-organized business makes an impact with customers and a team of employees. When new employees come to work for Don, they see immediately how organized and clean his shop and trailer are. DeWalt Industrial-Grade Storage Racks are perfect for keeping storage boxes, bins and bulky items neatly stored in the shop, up and out of the way. Landscape pros and other outdoor businesses across the country use these extra-strength storage racks to keep supplies organized and easily accessible. In the landscaping business, the tools you need for the jobsite depend on the job, which can change from day to day. This is another reason it is so important to keep your shop organized, so you will never have an issue finding the tools you need.

Tool Organization & Storage Favorites Among Pros

In addition to Gemplers Tool Racks and DeWalt Industrial-Grade Storage Racks, here are a few more of our landscape pro customers’ favorites for tool storage and organization.

Liberty Hose Storage Reel

For serious landscapers out there, we carry the best hose storage solution in the business. The Liberty Revolution Wall-Mount Rotating Water Hose Reel is great for keeping bulky hoses off the ground and is a simple way to keep your hoses wrapped up and easily accessible. No more fighting with hoses, the Liberty Reel takes care of it all.

Harper Sweepers and Squeegees

It is just as important to have the right tools as it is to have a place to put them. Some of our best-selling products are the Harper Supersweep All-purpose Broom and the Harper Curved Rubber Shop Squeegee. It is bound to happen: dirt, debris, leaves, and water will get into your shop or garage at some point. These Harper tools are exactly what you need to get the mess cleaned up. Both the broom and squeegee have replacement parts available to keep your tools working like new for years to come.

Behrens Galvanized Trash Cans and Compost Bins

Behrens is one of Gemplers’ top brands when it comes to trash cans and composting bins. These bins are made out of sturdy galvanized steel that will withstand weather, and wear and tear. The Behrens Trash Can has corrugated sides that add extra strength and a sealing lid to keep unwanted critters out. The Behrens Composting Bin has a few more features than the traditional trash can. This bin is great for yard waste. The holes on the top, bottom, and sides help to create a better air flow, and the legs that keep it off the ground help with the composting process. Both are great options that will withstand cold temperatures and heavy use much better than plastic alternatives.

Gemplers Citra Clean Hand Cleaning Solutions

A tip-top shop includes clean hands. Gemplers has the easiest and most efficient solutions for you. Gemplers Citra Clean Hand Cleaner is an assortment of waterless hand washing products that are available in towels or liquid. This great-smelling solution washes away dirt and grime without making a mess. No water needed. These products are great for storing in your truck or garage when there’s no time to run to a sink for hand-washing. They’re the perfect addition to your jobsite for keeping you and your crew clean.

Take a cue from landscape pros like Don of The Don Landscaping and get your tool shop in tip-top shape! These top picks from Gemplers are sure to keep your shop organized for years to come. Check out more organization solutions and tools at