Sprayer Maintenance Tips for Spring

Sprayer Maintenance

As winter turns to spring, hardworking pros are focused on sprayer maintenance and repair. Experienced pros know that proper sprayer maintenance now means they’ll be ready to go as soon as the field or turf is ready. 

Here’s your spring sprayer maintenance checklist, as well as some recommended sprayer parts and accessories to get your sprayer in tip-top shape for the busy season ahead.

Benefits to Proper Sprayer Maintenance

  1. Avoid downtime. Investing time and effort in sprayer maintenance will avoid downtime during the critical points of your season.
  2. Extend the life of your sprayer: A well-maintained sprayer will last longer, saving you time and money in the long run.
  3. Avoid wasting time and materials: When you’re nice to your sprayer, it’ll be nicer to you, performing better, avoiding wasted product and ensuring that your field, farm or turf gets the effective treatment you intend.

Sprayer Maintenance Steps Before Initial Spring Use

Before you hit the field or turf and your busy spring and summer season starts, follow these sprayer maintenance steps.

  1. Check your sprayer manual for a refresher on safety precautions and any recommended preparations specific to your sprayer. Stock up on the safety supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) you’ll need for your upcoming spring spraying to avoid lost time later.
  2. Flush any winterization chemicals (i.e. antifreeze) out of the sprayer and dispose of the chemicals (and rinse water) appropriately. Use a high-quality sprayer tank cleaner [NEED FEATURE IMAGE IN-USE TANK CLEANER to start your spring season with a clean tank.
  3. Do a thorough visual check. Walk around your sprayer and look for things like rodent damage, dry rotted or cracked hoses, damage to the frame or tank. Replace sprayer hoses and other sprayer parts as needed.
  4. Check that all sprayer fittings and connections are tight.
  5. Check filters to make sure they are clean and in good condition.
  6. Grease/lubricate the sprayer seals/o-ring/bearings/pistons/moving parts as called for by the manufacturer.

Sprayer Maintenance Steps for ATV, UTV or Vehicle Sprayers

For sprayers on a trailer or vehicle, there are a few additional sprayer maintenance steps you’ll want to follow.

  1. Check the tire pressure, and make sure all tires are filled consistently and according to the recommended psi. To avoid flat tires and downtime during your peak season, consider using a high-quality tire sealer like Gemplers Ultraseal. [NEED IMAGE IN-USE ULTRASEAL]
  2. If your sprayer is battery-powered, check that the sprayer battery is in good condition and is charged. If not, make sure you replace your sprayer battery before you’ll need the sprayer.
  3. Check your sprayer engine. If your sprayer or the vehicle that carries it has a gas engine, check oil levels. Make sure any fuel in the tank is still good. Refill fuel if needed.

Sprayer Maintenance Steps for Checking Tank and Pump Function

Start by filling your sprayer tank with clean water. The amount of water you need will depend on the sprayer, but it should be enough to do the following.

  1. Run the pump to make sure it is working efficiently.
  2. Look for any leaks in the system.
  3. Make sure any valves are opening and closing properly.
  4. Verify any pressure gauges or pressure controls are reading and working properly.
  5. Check nozzles (on spray gun as well as on any boom setup) for wear and calibration.
  6. Finally, check and clean sprayer filters again just in case they trapped some dirt or debris while you were flushing the sprayer out and running water through it.  

Sprayer Maintenance Pays Off All Season Long

Taking time at the start of the season to maintain your sprayer will pay big dividends in sprayer performance and reliability throughout your busy spraying season. You’ll save money, avoid downtime and extend the life of your sprayer.

Shop Gemplers professional-grade sprayers, parts and accessories, as well as safety supplies and PPE for everything you need for successful and safe spraying.

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