Prevent dehydration and heat stress while replenishing carbohydrates and electrolytes

Stay alert and safe from heat exhaustion by staying properly hydrated, especially on hot, muggy days. Proper hydration improves mental and physical performance, which means better productivity and safety awareness.

  • Stay HYDRated: Gatorade speeds and maintains hydration while replenishing essential carbohydrates and electrolytes lost through sweat
  • Easy to MIX: Liquid concentrate is just right for mixing in the field and for making odd-sized or small batches
  • YIELD: One gal. of concentrate makes 6 gal. of Gatorade


  • Manufacturer #: 33977
  • Size: 1 gal.
  • Type: Liquid Concentrate
  • Yield Per Package: 6 gal.


SDS for Gatorade Concentrate, 1-gal. Jug