Water holding polymer feeds and waters your trees, shrubs, turf and ornamental annuals. Watch your plants flourish, even in dry conditions, without constant watering. Soil Moist absorbs when watered, then slowly releases water to plants as they need it. Helps to reduce soil compaction, reduces transplant shock and lasts for several seasons. Will not float to the surface. For indoor or outdoor plants. Soil Moist is nontoxic polyacrylamide. Wear eye protection and dust mask when mixing large quantities. Do not allow to enter drains. Application Information: Greenhouse/nursery plants: Mix 2 lb. Soil Moist per cubic yard of soil.


  • Manufacturer #: JCD-BLKDSK2
  • Nitrogen %: 10
  • Phosphorous %: 10
  • Potassium %: 10
  • Qty./Pkg.: 100


SDS for 2" Disk Soil Moist w/ 10-10-10, pkg. of 100