Get rid of gophers and moles once and for all

The GopherHawk Mole and Gopher Trap with Wedge-and-Probe Tool is the organic, safe and reusable way to permanently remove gophers and moles.

  • Easy to Set: Use the wedge-and-probe tool to set the trap from above the ground
  • No Digging: Yellow above-ground catch indicator lets you know when a gopher has sprung the reusable trap
  • Effective: The swivel trigger system catches moles and gophers

NOTE: Allow time for trap to work. While the trap lets you install without much disturbance to the tunnel, it may take some time for the gopher to return. Do not clean with soap or other cleaner. Gophers are territorial, so when they smell another gopher in their tunnels, they are likely to investigate, hopefully triggering the trap in the process. If clogged, direct a strong spray of water into the opening of the trap to clear obstructions.


  • Manufacturer #: GH-SET
  • Used For: Gophers

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