Got weeds? Getting rid of them should be the easy part.

No one likes weeds

And when you work hard to keep landscapes and courses beautiful for a living, weeds can be a constant problem. Herbicides, also known as weed killers, eliminate weeds and undesirable plants. Three types of herbicides are: pre-emergent or post-emergent; selective or non-selective; and contact or systemic. Choose professional-quality herbicides from Gemplers to make the hard work of weeding easier.

Herbicide Type Use On How/When to Use


Germinating seeds and/or seedlings

Spray into soil 2-3 weeks prior to germination. Stops weeds from sprouting by inhibiting a key enzyme in the seeds. Apply in spring to control growth of annual weeds.


Visible weeds and/or mature plants

Provides continuous protection against weeds. Controls existing plants. Weeds must have emerged and be actively growing at the time of application. Apply directly to the undesirable vegetation after it's begun to grow out of the soil.


Specific weed types

Inhibits the growth of or kills only specifically targeted plants, leaving surrounding vegetation unharmed. Ideal for treating crops or ornamental gardens.


All weeds, grasses and actively growing plants in an area

Will kill any plants they touch, targeted and non-targeted alike. Ideal for sidewalks, drive-ways and patios. Can be used to clear/prepare area for replanting.



Acts directly only the parts of the plant in which it is sprayed. Causes plants to die quickly.


Perennial weeds

Absorbed by the plant at point of contact and is then transported throughout the whole of the plant—leaves, stems, roots and all.

Always read product labels and manufacturer's instructions for herbicides of any kind. And be sure to use the recommended concentration for best results. Or call Gemplers Tech Support at 800-382-8473 with any concerns about how to use a product. It's better to be on the safe side than to wind up with a dead lawn when you were just trying to get rid of dandelions!