Spot Sprayers
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About Spot Sprayers

Spot sprayers are extremely useful in a variety of horticulture and agriculture applications. They mount easily on an ATV or garden tractor. They're typically used for medium to heavy-duty spot spraying of fertilizers and pesticides in gardens, lawns and small orchards. Spot sprayers are also commonly used for pasture cleanup and to spray fence rows.


A larger-capacity tank, when compared to a backpack sprayer, lets you spray longer without having to stop and refill. A spot sprayer is powered by an electric pump.


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How they can vary

  • Tank size typically ranges from roughly 10 to 30 gal.
  • Flow rates (gpm)
  • Some come with or can be outfitted with a variety of booms
  • There are a few different styles of wands and spray guns, some designed for better ergonomics, for example

Our Top Pick

Spot Sprayer from Gemplers

Highly efficient sprayers built for maximum durability – at an awesome price.

What it is

Built using a thicker polyethylene tank and more UV inhibitor, Gempler's Spot Sprayers are versatile enough for precision jobs and tough enough to last season after season. Using only the highest-grade pumps, adjustable spray guns and hoses on the market, these sprayers are good with nearly any application. Use with water, herbicides including glyphosate, insecticides and fungicides. Convenient graduations lines on end to show how much liquid is left.

Why it's the best

  • Premium-grade components
  • Thicker tank
  • Better ergonomics
  • Extremely versatile
  • Proven customer feedback from the field
  • Great balance of features and price

Looking for more?

Cover more ground in less time by using your spot sprayers to easily apply fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and water to yards, parks, sport fields, crops and more.

Mount sprayers to ATVs for easy transportation to and from jobsites. GEMPLER'S carries sprayers from top brands like Fimco, Kings and Enduraplas.