Trailer Sprayers
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About Trailer Sprayers

Trailer sprayers are extremely useful in a variety of horticulture and agriculture applications. They are conveniently towed by a tractor or utility vehicle. Trailer sprayers are ideal for larger spraying projects such as lawns, pastures, golf courses and athletic fields.


With a trailer sprayer, the sprayer pump is powered by either an electric motor or gasoline engine. With the higher output provided, especially by a gasoline engine, operators can use a longer hose with the spray gun.


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How they can vary

  • Tank capacities typically range from 15 gal. all the way up to 300
  • Component quality often varies depending on how much durability you're looking for
  • More commercial-grade options available
  • Variety of boom styles
  • Some have boomless nozzles which distribute the chemical more "up and out" for wider coverage

Our Top Pick

Kings 100-gal. Trailer Sprayer with 150'L Hose

The ideal combination of spraying capacity and portability

What it is

Kings 100-Gal Trailer Sprayer with 150’L Hose. Small enough to be carried by a golf cart but large enough for intensive spraying jobs. Perfect for nurseries and greenhouses.

Why it's the best

  • High flotation turf tires
  • Three-diaphragm pump delivers 10.5 gpm at 560 PSI
  • Manual 12” reel for storing 150’ of hose and spray gun
  • Aluminum frame is chemical-resistant and will never need painting

Looking for more?

Pull-behind sprayers are great for agricultural and landscape use and easy to transport to and from jobsites.

Choose from off-road and on-road styles in capacities from 15- to 300-gallons. Sprayers come in boom or wand styles. Gempler's carries quality trailer sprayers from trusted brands like Schaben, Fimco, Kings and others.