50% Shade Factor White Shade Cloth


50% Shade Factor White Shade Cloth


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Creates a cool, shaded environment for plants and animals with white shade cloth

This high-density, knit polyethylene 50% White Shade Cloth cuts down UV penetration and keeps the area underneath comfortably cooler and shaded.

  • Better strength, ventilation and water permeability compared to other woven shade barriers
  • 20-35% lighter than other barriers
  • Easy to install, roll up and store
  • Does not require taping
  • Easy to repair if punctured
  • Chemical-resistant against pesticides, detergents and other chemicals
  • White color


  • Reduces moisture loss from evaporation
  • Keeps birds at bay
  • Cuts UV penetration
  • Cools plants, animals and people underneath
  • Better ventilation than woven materials
  • Resists chemical sprays, pesticides and detergents
  • Lightweight and easy on support structure
  • Lock-stitch weave can be cut without unraveling and is easy to repair
  • Water-permeable for rainfall and irrigation


  • Shade for UV-sensitive plants
  • Shade for livestock and poultry
  • Shade for outdoor work areas
  • Greenhouse coverings
  • Bird netting
  • Temporary fencing
  • Truck tarping
  • Erosion control

NOTE: If the shade cloth has a pink hue it will bleach out within a week once placed outside. The pink hue is due to fluorescent lighting used during manufacture. Grommets sold separately, Item # 127727.


50% Shade Factor White Shade Cloth

50% Shade Factor White Shade Cloth

12' / 10'