Agratronix Hay Windrow Moisture Tester gives you an edge on hay production by letting you test hay before it’s baled or chopped

This innovative Agratronix Hay Windrow Moisture Tester is the only portable hay moisture tester available. It allows you to test the hay in the field before it is baled or chopped, eliminating the time and expense of using your equipment until the moisture content is correct. *Requires (1) 5-gal. bucket (not included) and (1) 9V alkaline battery (not included).

  • Ideal moisture level at the time of baling is between 18 and 22%
  • Hay baled with higher moisture percentages can foster mold resulting in loss

  • Easy to Use: Simply add loose hay or forage to a 5-gal. bucket (not included) and press the tester into the hay or forage for the measurement
  • Fast & Accurate: A typical sample time is 30-60 sec. with an accuracy of ±4%
  • Measuring Range: Measures 12-70% moisture content


  • Manufacturer #: 7140
  • Type: Hay
  • Moisture Range: 12–70%
  • Accuracy: ±2–±4%