A patented disposable dispensing system combined with continuous release technology disperses beneficial bacteria into your pond for up to 30 days

The AquaSpherePro Pond Cleaner combines a patented disposable dispensing system with continuous release technology to improve water clarity and quality while reducing sludge build-up. To use, simply determine the number of gallons in your pond by multiplying the Length x Width x Depth (in feet) x 7.5. Then treat with the corresponding size and quantity of pond cleaner dispensers.

  • Super Safe: Environmentally friendly, safe to use in irrigation ponds and Won't harm people, plants or pets
  • Wide Temp. Range: Designed to treat ponds and lakes between 45° and 110°F
  • Low Maintenance: Monthly maintenance is as easy as replacing the pond cleaner sphere every 30 days
  • Quick Results: You'll see clear and consistent results seen in as little as 4 to 6 weeks


  • Manufacturer #: 51115


SDS for AquaSpherePro Biodegradable Pond Cleaner