BRADLEY Halo® Wall Mount Eyewash

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Bradley Halo Wall Mount Eyewash Station ramps up workplace safety

Halo Wall Mount Eyewash features separate supply and waste pipes to eliminate cross-contamination. Redesigned dust covers (not featured on all models) keep the units clean and bright yellow color allows for easy recognition. Meet ANSI Z358.1 standard as well as U.S. and European plumbing requirements.

  • Even Spray: SpinTec™ drench shower generates a spinning motion of water that provides an even spray pattern for superior full-body washdown
  • Stays Clean: Aquaduct™ self-draining design removes standing water from the spray head, reducing the risk of bacterial growth when not in use
  • Easy to Reach Handle: Features an ergonomic hand activation paddle that's easy to reach from any direction

NOTE: Dust covers only come with models that say dust cover on them.


  • Manufacturer #: S19224EW
  • Compliance: ANSI Z358.1-2009
  • Mounting: Wall