Just what you need for any landscaping situation where chemical drift would damage valuable plants and crops

Herbi Herbicide Sprayer produces large 200 micron particles that spray out as a fine mist in a 4'W umbrella pattern. Sprayer is battery powered to eliminate manual pumping, and operates 40 to 50 hr. on (4) D cell batteries (not included). Weighs 6 lb.

  • Requires Less Water: Uses 40 times less water than a traditional backpack sprayer
  • Lightweight: Sprayer is lighter and more comfortable to use than traditional backpack sprayers
  • Adjustable Flow: Includes three spray nozzles with a flow rate range of 60 to 150mL per min.
  • Great Coverage: One 2.5L bottle of spray solution covers up to 20,000 sq. ft.


  • Manufacturer #: MH-1

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