Take this handy emergency eyewash travel kit everywhere you go - in the field, on remote sites, or on-the-go

This Honeywell Emergency Eyewash Travel Kit contains 12 sterile eyewash bottles (6 each of 1-oz. and 4-oz.) in individual compartments. Replacement bottles sold separately (Item #s 39468 and 39469).

  • Quick and Easy Access: The strap of the durable vinyl bag adjusts to fit around your vehicle's seat or headrest for quick accessibility
  • Versatile: Bag has room for additional first aid supplies


  • Manufacturer #: 32-000440-0000
  • Compliance: ANSI Z358.1-2009 (As personal eye wash only)
  • Size: 1 oz./4 oz. (6 ea.)


SDS for Emergency Eyewash Travel Kit

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