Use this tape you need extreme traction in extremely dirty environments where standard tape would clog with mud, oil and debris

This Extra-Coarse Anti-Skid Tape offers excellent chemical and oil resistance.

  • Won't Clog: A deeply textured, 36-grit surface can withstand heavy foot traffic and won’t clog up with mud, oil, sawdust, grease or other debris like traditional tapes
  • Waterproof: Even when exposed to water, this tape keeps its grip
  • Sticks to a Variety Of Surfaces: Aggressive adhesive sticks to a variety of surfaces for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Paintable: Tape can even be spray painted and still maintain its non-slip surface


  • Manufacturer #: SG6504B
  • Color: Black
  • Roll Length: 50'
  • Roll Width: 4"
  • Description: Safety Grip Tape
  • Type: Roll

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