Prepare yourself with head-to-toe protection against low-toxicity pesticides

Protect yourself and your workers against pesticide poisoning. This kit is designed to meet farmers' specific needs during a typical 14-day planting cycle.

Kit contains: (1) EPA How to Comply Guide; (3 pairs) Chemical-resistant nitrile gloves (green color, size L only) that provide excellent dexterity for changing tips and nozzles; (6 pairs) Tyvek® chemical-resistant disposable coveralls (white color, size XL only), which are lightweight and tear resistant; (1) Indirectly-vented chemical splash goggles; (1) Flip-up face shield with acetate window; (1) Chemical-resistant PVC apron (blue-green color, 44"L x 33"W); (1) Moldex® dual-cartridge pesticide respirator (medium size only) with cartridges and pre-filters; (1 pair) Chemical-resistant, latex-rubber overshoes (yellow color, size XL only); (1) EPA-accepted field WARNING sign.

NOTE: Do not use in heavy spray mist applications such as orchard spraying.

WARNING: Cancer -


  • Manufacturer #: 7Y273
  • Material: Multi

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