Breaks down proteins, animal or vegetable fats and oils, paper and more

Gempler's Bio-Paks Farm Digestant are ideal for breaking down waste and odors from septic systems, pit toilets, waste lagoons, sewer mains, lift stations and more.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: Lagoons: Use 1-2 lbs. weekly per 50,000 gallons of lagoon capacity. Septic systems: Use 1 packet for every 1,000 gallons of system capacity as an initial treatment and 1 lb. per week for maintenance.

  • Effective: The unique micronutrient-enriched carrier accelerates germination, growth and superior enzyme protection while reducing odor, BOD, COD, suspended solids, turbidity and ammonia concentrations
  • Fast BreakDown: The natural enzymes quickly break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats and oils, and paper for the most effective waste digestion
  • Easy Storage: Water-soluble packets are packaged in a resealable, airtight pail for easy storage and handling
  • Easy to Use: Simply drop packet in waste area

NOTE: 1-lb. packets come 25 per pail. 1/4-lb. packets come 50 per pail.


  • Manufacturer #: 502

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