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GEMPLER'S Rust Remover

Gempler's Rust Remover x 1




Gempler's Rust Remover


Gempler's Rust Remover


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Safe and effective way to remove rust without scrubbing

Gempler's Rust Remover restores your metal investments without the hassle of scrubbing. Simply clean off excess dirt and grease, then submerge rusty item in the solution. Soak time depends on the severity of the rust. Once treated, rinse thoroughly with water and air or towel dry the item.

  • Super Safe: Made from a pH-neutral formula that is nontoxic, biodegradable and nonflammable
  • Won't Damage: It's safe to use on surfaces made of rubber, plastic, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, copper or brass
  • Super Strong: Strong enough to work on heavily pitted metal
  • Prevents Rust: Rust-inhibitor additives prevent rust from returning
  • Long-Lasting: Solution can be reused until no longer active