A powerful pheromone and instant catch-on-contact surface make this trap a fly’s worst nightmare

This 24"L Gold Stick Fly Trap is perfect for use in stables, barns, garages, warehouses or offices. Pheromone tube included.

  • Easy to Use: Comes packaged in a perforated box for ease of handling
  • Versatile: Place on a windowsill or hang vertically in areas away from traffic
  • Incredibly Attractive: A powerful pheromone not only attracts flies, it increases the amount collected
  • Powerfully Sticky: Instant catch-on-contact surface shows no mercy to nuisance flies


  • Manufacturer #: 8DF85
  • Trap Type: Sticky
  • Size: 24"L x 2"W


SDS for Gold Stick Fly Trap