Gripple Tree Guying Kit For 25' Tree (30" Girth)


Gripple Tree Guying Kit For 25' Tree (30" Girth)


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Effortless Tree Stabilization with Gripple

Safeguard newly planted 25' trees with Gripple's Guying Kit. Immediate day-one stabilization supports proper root establishment. As a multi award-winning innovator, Gripple offers cutting-edge kits for quick and easy anchoring of newly-planted, semi-mature trees. Designed to replace laborious wooden stakes, these kits come ready-to-use with a strap tensioning system, ensuring long-lasting, underground support that reduces trip hazards and deters vandals.

  • Replace unsightly wooden and metal stakes effortlessly.
  • Save time and labor with a pre-assembled, lightweight kit.
  • Applicable to various tree species and sizes.
  • Engineered for consistent, effective installation.
  • Gripple fasteners allow quick tensioning and easy re-tensioning.
  • Rubber hose minimizes trunk friction and point loading.
  • Unobtrusive cable system minimizes landscape impact.
  • Enhance visibility with orange safety sleeves.
  • Easily removable post-root establishment.




Gripple Tree Guying Kit For 25' (30

Gripple Tree Guying Kit For 25' Tree (30" Girth)