Gripple® WIre Joiners and Tensioners quickly and easily repair and tension fence wire

Gripple Wire Joiners and Tensioners let you easily join wire, re-tension year after year, terminate wire around an end post and create a slot to release tension for adjustments. To use, simply insert two ends of the wire into the Gripple, and use the Torq tool (Item # 224791, sold separately) to apply tension.

  • Strong Grip: A ceramic locking mechanism design provides a strong, reliable grip on the wires
  • Withstand the Elements: Gripple connectors withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures for years of use

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  • Manufacturer #: GPS300BB-INC
  • Length: 1-11/32"
  • Material: Zinc
  • Qty./Pkg.: 20
  • Type: Plain Wire

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