The responsive, no-leak design of the GunJet AA43 will make this your “go-to” spray gun

This heavy-duty chemical-resistant, aluminum spray gun is designed specifically for withstanding the demanding conditions of professional landscaping, nurseries, orchards and ag work. The stem extends through the extension valve seat, behind the orifice disc, allowing for drip-free shut off and instant operating response. 1/2" NPT female inlet.

  • Work In Comfort: Pistol-grip handle trigger lock makes spraying simple while creating less fatigue
  • Multiple Spray Patterns: Spray begins in a wide-angle cone, but becomes increasingly narrow the more you pull back on the trigger
  • Sturdy Construction: Features corrosion- and erosion-resistant D6 hardened stainless steel orifice disc
  • Dimensions: Measures 22"L overall


  • Manufacturer #: AA43L-AL6
  • Length: 22"
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 psi