HARPSTER Heavy-Duty Silver Poly Tarp

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You've got it covered with a tough tarp built to resist deterioration from the sun, rot and mildew

This Heavy-Duty Silver Poly Tarp will last longer than most other tarps thanks to tightly woven, 11- to 12-mil thick, internal 1200-denier polyethylene strands. Silver color.

  • Resists Sun Damage: UV treated for maximum life when in full sun
  • Resists Moisture Damage: Coating of polyethylene prevents rot and mildew
  • Stays Cool: Silver color reflects the sun, keeping what's underneath cool
  • Tough Construction: All grommets are rustproof, reinforced and placed in the corners and approximately every 18" around the edges

NOTE: The actual finished size of the tarp will be up to 6" shorter than the size listed due to the tarp making process.

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  • Manufacturer #: 655329206109
  • Material: 1,200-Denier Polyethylene
  • Color: Silver
  • Thickness: 11 mil
  • Weight: 6 oz.

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