If hauling a heavy, awkward hose isn't for you, then this Swiveling Hose Reel Cart is just what you need!

The Jackson Heavy-Duty Swiveling Hose Reel Cart swivels a full 180° to allow easy winding and unwinding of up to 400' of 5⁄8" hose without having to lift or adjust a full, heavy cart. Works great for athletic fields, growers, large yards and landscapes. 45 lb.

  • Solid Construction: Heavy-duty steel tubular construction with a 1⁄2"-dia. solid steel axle provide superior durability Nice and Steady: Front feet feature rubber anchors to keep the cart steady during use
  • Smooth Moves: Pneumatic rear tires help you maneuver the cart over turf with minimal surface damage
  • Convenient Details: Extra-long, 10' leader hose makes for simple hose attachment and detachment Dimensions: Measures 40"L x 25"W x 24"H


  • Manufacturer #: 2517200
  • Hose Included: No
  • Hose Reel Type: Hand Crank
  • Weight: 45 lb.
  • Hose Reel Type: Hand Crank
  • Hose Included: No

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