Comfort Fit N95 Respirator combines a reusable facepiece with a pre-formed, disposable N95 filter to provide an excellent seal against your face

Unlike traditional N95 respirators, the filter element does not come in contact with your face preventing it from absorbing perspiration and moisture that can cause it to collapse. Changing filters is easy! Simply unsnap the tabs on both sides of the mask, pull the filter cover up and place new filter in position. Facepiece comes with one N95 filter. Available sizes: S (for very petite adults, children), M (fits 80% of population), L (people with large head/facial features). These are guidelines to assist with your sizing decision. There is no easy way to spell out the sizing on these respirators. Size medium will fit a majority of men and women. Once you receive your respirator, make sure it fits properly and passes fit testing requirements before using.

  • Soft Seal: Facepiece is made of a soft, thermoplastic elastomer that provides an excellent seal against your face
  • Cool Comfort: Includes a built-in exhalation valve to keep you cool
  • Breathe Freely: 95% efficient filtering of dusts and non-oil-based mists
  • Convenient Design: Adjustable harness allows you to hang the CFR from your neck when not in use

NOTE: Replacement N95 filters (Item # 10860, sold separately) come 20 per box.


  • Manufacturer #: Z4200L
  • Qty./Pkg.: 1
  • Exhalation Valve: Yes
  • Filter Class: N95

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