Positive pressure helps you breathe comfortably even when exerting yourself

The Kasco Prof 88 Dust Helmet includes everything you need for protection against dust, mist, mold and fumes. System includes: Tough, fiberglass helmet with two built-in blowers Batteries Battery charger Two high-efficiency (HEPA) dust/mist filters This system operates off your tractor's 12V battery/power source (requires Item No. power cord) or have complete mobility by operating the helmet using the built-in battery. NIOSH Approval No. TC-21C-633.

  • Stay Cool: Because of the high air volume (6.8 cfm), you'll stay cooler than wearing half-mask or full-face respirators in warm environments
  • Freedom Of Movement: Helmet-mounted filters give you excellent range of mobility
  • Adjustable: Flip-up visor gives you ultimate protection when you need it
  • Great Fit: Adjustable headband and plenty of room for beards and eyewear make this a great fit for almost anyone

NOTE: This helmet will accept the ZA2P3 pesticide filters sold on Master Catalog page 31. When fitted with these pesticide (organic vapor) filters, this product is not NIOSH approved and therefore would not be approved for respiratory protection from pesticides requiring organic vapor protection. WARNING: Do not use KASCO helmets with fumigants unless allowed by fumigant's label. WARNING: Do not use KASCO helmets in manure pits, silos or any atmosphere where oxygen may be less than 19.5%.


  • Manufacturer #: 313072
  • Model: Prof88
  • Mask Type: Full-Face
  • Cartridges Included: Yes

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