Monitor orchards for maggot flies to determine the right time to apply control measures

Monitor maggot flies in apple and cherry trees with this Disposable Red Sphere Trap Kit. Maggot flies are a devastating pest for commercial and home apple and cherry growers in most areas where these fruits are grown. This Disposable Red Sphere Trap Kit can help keep flies under control. Includes 25 disposable traps, 25 wire hangers and two 8-oz. cans of sticky coating with built-in applicator brushes.

  • Detection: One trap per three to four acres (five minimum per block) provides reliable detection
  • Control: Reduce fly numbers and maggot damage by using one to six traps per tree for apples and cherries
  • Timing: Place traps before petal-fall for both apple and cherry trees


  • Manufacturer #: DAK25A
  • Trap Type: Sphere
  • Common Name: Maggot Flies


SDS for Lightweight Disposable Red Sphere Trap Kit