Live Trap offers quicker access for baiting, release and transfer

Use this live trap for hassle-free capture, transfer and release of extra-large dogs and coyotes. Live Trap is equipped with a rear sliding panel with double latch and security lock. Back of live trap is reinforced all the way around the rear opening to ensure strength and durability. Sliding rear panel travels through riveted metal guides when being lifted. 72"L x 20"W x 28"H. Weighs 55 lb.

  • Large Size: Fits extra-large dogs and coyotes
  • Heavy-duty: Heavy-gauge galvanized steel can't be chewed through
  • Easy Access: The full-size sliding panel can be opened quickly for baiting, animal release or to transfer animals to carriers

Item ships by Truck due to size and weight. Charges will be determined when order is placed.


  • Manufacturer #: 52872
  • Height: 28"
  • Length: 72"
  • Width: 20"
  • Size: 28"H x 20"W x 72"L
  • Used For: Bobcats, Large Coyotes, Dogs
  • Weight: 55 lb.