Extra wide snow pushers designed to make short work of even the heaviest snow falls

Eliminates nearly all friction so all your energy is directed toward moving snow. EZ Glide Edge is durable enough to clear snow from aggregate, broken concrete or gravel surfaces but will not scratch or gouge wood or composite decking material like a steel edge will. Edge's wide bottom edge allows the MANPLOW to skim deep snow in manageable horizontal layers. Assembles easily with four bolts.

  • Durable: Good for 300-350 hours of use
  • Safer: Will not scratch or gouge sensitive surfaces like wood or composite decking
  • Replaceable Edge: EZ Glide Edge can be replaced to extend the life of your Manplow Pro Snow Pusher
  • Sturdy: Strong enough to push loads in excess of 300 lbs.


  • Manufacturer #: PRO42
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Type: U-Shape
  • Length: 47"