Breaking the tire bead doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of changing tires - this Manual Tire Bead Breaker makes it easy

This versatile, lightweight Manual Tire Bead Breaker allows you to take care of tire changing with little effort. That means less downtime - caused by waiting for the service truck to arrive - and lower tire repair bills. Maximum extend ram length is 3.5".

  • Versatile: Works on everything from small tires, like those mean bead lock ATV wheels, to large 20.8 x 38 tractor rears
  • Easy to Use: To use, all you need is a 1/2" drive ratchet and 30mm socket (not included)
  • Break Where You Want: Break the inside and outside beads while the tractor tire/wheel is still mounted on the tractor, or with the tire/wheel laying flat on the ground

NOTE: Not for use with pneumatic impact guns.

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  • Manufacturer #: ESC60

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