Safe, reliable and affordable mower lift

Easily raise and lower the front end of most residential riding lawnmowers and residential zero-turn mowers for maintenance or repairs with a simple-to-use hand-crank system or power drill. This innovative design combines the stability of a scissor lift with the popular MoJack wheel pad design. Wheel pads are adjustable from 34"–43-1/2"W between the outside front tires. This mower lift has a 20" maximum lifting height yet lowers to a flat, 5-3/4"H for easy storage. 250-lb. maximum lift capacity, tire span range of 17-1/2" inside and 45" outside. Screw jack lift mechanism.


  • Manufacturer #: ZR
  • Power Type: Crank
  • Max Lifting Height: 20"
  • Min Lifting Height: 4"
  • Lifting Capacity: 250 lb.
  • Width: 34" to 43-1/2"

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