Use these N95 Pre-Filter Cartridges with your Moldex 7000 Half-Mask and 9000 Full-Face Respirators

Keep your Moldex Respirator working efficiently with these Moldex N95 Pre-Filter Cartridges. They're ideal for particles and non-oil based pesticides and chemical sprays. NIOSH Approval No. TC-84A-1343.

  • Efficient Filtering: 95% of non-oil-based particulates are trapped allowing you to breathe more easily
  • Applications: Use as pre-filters with gas/vapor cartridges, in dusty conditions, or spraying paints or pesticides
  • Quantity: Pkg. of 10


  • Manufacturer #: 8910
  • Qty./Pkg.: 10
  • Model: 8000 Series
  • NIOSH Approval No.: TC-84A
  • Cartridge Type: N95

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