Resist permeation and breakthrough by over 280 chemicals

This SilverShield Protective Coat-Style Apron provides extra coverage on the shoulders and arms for added splash protection. Size Large.

  • Comfortable: Lightweight, flexible, laminate material allows for easy movement
  • Chemical-Resistant: Material resists permeation and breakthrough by more than 280 chemicals and chemical mixtures such as epoxy, organic solvents, acids, bases, paints, degreasing agents and adhesives
  • No Allergens: Unlined material does not contain chemical accelerators that can cause allergic reactions
  • Length: 56"


  • Manufacturer #: SSCA/L
  • Material: Polyethylene/EVOH
  • Color: Silver
  • Faceted Color: Silver
  • Faceted Material: Polyethylene
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Hooded: No
  • Qty./Pkg.: 1
  • Length: 56"
  • Size: L