No need to worry about a bent or chipped soil probe tip with this Oakfield soil sampler

This Oakfield Soil Sampler has replaceable screw-on tips so you can keep it working at maximum efficiency to penetrate the toughest soil. Comes with one regular soil tip. Replacement tips sold separately: Dry Soil Tip (Item No. ), Regular Soil Tip (Item No. ), Wet Soil Tip (Item No. ) or Stony/Gravelly Soil Tip (Item No. ).

  • Sturdy Construction: Welded one-piece construction doesn't have parts that break off
  • Dimensions: Core is 3/4"-dia. x 15"L


  • Manufacturer #: 3KHF8
  • Material: Chrome Plated Steel
  • Type: Soil Sampler
  • Length: 19"
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Probe Length: 15"

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