Extend the life of your boots, shoes and gloves with this unique Peet boot and glove drying system.

Never put on damp boots, shoes or gloves again! This unique Peet Boot Dryer with Glove Dryer Accessory uses a thermal convection process that passes warm air through tubes to safely and thoroughly dry boots and gloves. Simply place the boot or glove attachment on the dryer, turn it on and let it go to work.

  • Protects While Drying: The thermal convection drying process prevents shrinkage, stiffness and damage to leather that's often caused by heat
  • Fits All Sizes: Accommodates children's size 4 through adult size 22
  • Works Quietly: Silent operation is ideal for everyday household use

NOTE: Includes dryer plus boot and glove drying attachments (one pair each).


  • Manufacturer #: 7Y541
  • Overall Dimensions: Base is 9"W x 10"L x 2H
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 10"

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