Soothe irritated skin by scrubbing with IvyX™ Poison Ivy Post-Contact Cleanser Towelettes to cleanse and moisturize.

IvyX™ Poison Ivy Post-contact Cleanser Towelettes get more of the rash-causing oils of poison ivy, oak and sumac off the uneven surfaces of your face, arms and legs.

  • Handy Size: Each towelette is sealed in a foil pouch for easy storage in your vehicle, pocket or tool box
  • Quantity: Pkg. of 25 towelettes


  • Manufacturer #: CIXC010640
  • Type: Cleanser
  • Size: 25 Packets
  • Application Type: Towelettes
  • Pkg. Qty.: 25


SDS for Poison Ivy Post-Contact Cleanser Towelettes (25/box)

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