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Power Locker Equipment Tie Down

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Power Locker Equipment Tie Down


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Secure light utility equipment in just seconds

The Power Locker Equipment Tie Down secures wheeled equipment in just seconds. It is the only complete wheel lock system on the market that meets all state and federal laws in one box. It installs securely to the deck of most open or closed trailers. Once in place, simply drive onto the pivoting shoe and it automatically locks into place. To remove the equipment, simply pull the swing pin and drive off. The lock can be completely removed from the floor bracket with a single pin in seconds, freeing the trailer space for other hauling needs. Power Lock comes in four sizes to fit most equipment. All Power Lockers are also interchangeable – the front and rear mounting brackets fit all Power Locker sizes. A padlock can be used for added security, though the Power Locker is not primarily an anti-theft device.
PL-200 (size S): Fits tires 7-11" dia. up to 5-1/8" wide. For walk behinds, bed edgers and push blowers. Product will not work with front casters that include suspension links. Will not work with front-mount mower decks or Walker mowers.
PL-300 (size M): Fits tires 12-16" dia. up to 7-1/8" wide. This unit fits many larger stand-on mowers, zero turn units, sprayers and core aerators. Product will not fit equipment with front caster suspension. Will not work with lean-to-steer spreader sprayers. Will not work with Gravely equipment or Exmark sprayers.
PL-350 (size L): Fits tires 16-20" dia. up to 11-1/8" wide. Fits some sprayers, small ATVs, golf carts and utility vehicles. Will not fit zero-turns.
PL-400 (size XL): Fits tire 20-27" dia. up to 11-1/8" wide. Fits many ATVs and UTVs.

NOTE: Only one Power Locker is necessary per piece of equipment up to 1,200 lbs. If total weight of the equipment being secured exceeds 1,200 lbs., two Power Lockers are required.

  • Versatile Design: Low-profile front and rear bracket are stationary, so you can use your trailer for other applications
  • Extra Protection: Can be locked with a padlock for added security
  • Super Strong: A single Power Locker can support up to 1,500 lbs.

XLarge Power Locker Equipment Tie Down

Power Locker Equipment Tie Down