The most effective fly control you can buy

QuickBayt™ fly bait sets a new standard for the control of houseflies around agricultural production and commercial facilities. Quickbayt fly bait is the first fly control product to include two powerful fly attractants and a bitter agent to help prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets. Begins killing flies in 60 sec. and remains effective up to four weeks. QuickBayt fly bait works up to twice as fast as competitive products and eliminates resistance problems associated with other fly baits. 35-lb. pail of granules.

NOTE: This product will kill any insect, including bees. Do not use inside food processing plants, restaurants or in areas accessible to food producing animals. EPA registration No. 11556-137 for granules.

  • QuickBayt fly bait kills houseflies in as fast as 60 sec.
  • No fly resistance problems
  • Bitter agent helps prevent ingestion by children and pets
  • Can be used as a scatter bait or in any bait station


  • Manufacturer #: CU8497
  • Size: 35 lb.
  • Form: Granules
  • Trap Type: Granular