Rhizopon Rooting Hormone Powders


Rhizopon Rooting Hormone Powders


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Hormone powders cover anything from herbaceous plants to hardwood cuttings

Rhizopon Rooting Hormone Powders use dry-drip application to act with a plant’s own natural rooting hormones. This aids in root formation by uniform absorption of the active ingredient. Approved label under WPS for zero-hour reentry interval. Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for greenhouse and nursery use.

AA #1 – Pink powder for easy-rooting plants, like herbaceous and softwood cuttings. 0.10% active ingredient indole-3-butyric acid (IBA).

AA #2 – All-purpose green powder for easy- to difficult-to-root cuttings, such as herbaceous, greenwood, softwood and hardwood. 0.30% IBA.

AA #3 – White powder used on difficult-rooting hardwood and softwood cuttings. 0.80% IBA.

NOTE: Not to be used for making rooting solutions.

Rhizopon™ Rooting Hormone Powders

Rhizopon Rooting Hormone Powders

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