Uses the only rodenticide registered for use in organic production

Agrid3 Bait Rodent Bait Chunx provide the first real solution to rodent problems for a broad array of organic producers. 4-lb. pail.

  • Effective: Vitamin D3 bait kills anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice in all types of organic production facilities, including warehousing and storage, food processing and animal production
  • Safe: Labeled for use in and around swine, poultry, beef and dairy agricultural buildings
  • Remains Intact: Withstands most baiting conditions because they are mold and moisture resistant, have a high melting point and resist crumbling
  • Less Bait Movement: Chunx also reduce movement of the bait by rodents

NOTE: Not for sale in California, Washington state, U.S. Territories and International. EPA Registration No. 12455-116-3240.

Not for sale in Washington


  • Manufacturer #: 23144
  • Form: Chunks

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