Sawyer Premium 6-oz. Aerosol Insect Repellent repels and kill mosquitoes, ticks and more

Use Sawyer Premium 6-oz. Aerosol Insect Repellent on clothing, tents and gear to repel and kill more than 55 types of disease-carrying insects, including ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and mites. 6-oz. aerosol can.

  • Effective: The spray bonds tightly with the garment's fibers during the drying process
  • Stain-free + Odorless: Won't stain clothing, fabrics, plastics or finished surfaces, and loses all odor after it dries
  • Long-Lasting: One application lasts six washings or up to 42 days

NOTE: Do not apply to skin.

NOTE: There will be an additional shipping charge when ordering this item due to special handling per D.O.T. regulations. For specific details, please contact us or call us at 1-800-382-8473. Cannot be shipped by air.

Requires special handling due to DOT regulations. Additional shipping charges will apply. Cannot be shipped by air.


  • Manufacturer #: SP646N
  • Size: 6 oz.
  • Application Type: Aerosol
  • Deet Percent: 0
  • Active Ingredients: Permethrin
  • Active Duration: 6 wk.


SDS for Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent for Clothing and Gear, 6-oz. Aerosol