This easy-to-install motion detector is a great way to monitor your driveway and other property areas

This weatherproof Single-Beam Driveway Motion Detector features an adjustable fan beam that can be set to detect movement from 20' and 60' away. The easy-to-install system features a four-zone trigger indicator light and allows you to select between four types of chime tones. Additional sensors, item #125804 , sold separately.

Need more options?

  • Convenient: The receiver can read the sensor from up to 1,000' away, giving you the flexibility to place it where you want
  • Versatile: You can use up to 12 sensors with each receiver for maximum coverage
  • Stays Up and Running: Low battery indicator light lets you know when it’s time to change the sensor battery
  • Complete System: Includes the receiver, sensor, 9V battery and AC adapter

NOTE: This unit no longer needs a mounting bracket. Blue sheet with updated mounting instructions included.


  • Manufacturer #: 1000V